The first jury of the Antico Fattore prize, in one reunion (1930)

The "Antico Fattore" Literary Prize was originally created in 1931. It took its name from a restaurant in the Via Lambertesca in Florence which was a famous meeting-place for men of culture who also enfoyed the pleasures of the table. Literary contacts made at the Antico Fattore had a certain importance for the development of Italian twentieth-century writing. Painters and sculptors met to choose the best poet of the yeaL Works of outstanding cultural interest were in this way brought to light, and the award was made to two future Nobel Prize winners: Eugenio Montale for his "La Casa dei Doganieri", and Salvatore Quasimodo for his "Odore di Eucaliptus". The Prize acquired greater and greater influence and importance, until events put an end to it and it ceased to be awarded.

In 1983 the Folonari family, who have owned the Chianti Ruffino winery since 1913 and have alwavs becn aware of cultural responsibilities, sponsored the revival of the Prize. With great enthusiasm they have striven to recover the old values, and to increase the fame and reputation of the Prize on a European level, so as to make it fully worthy of the city which gave it birth. The present Prize is intended to honour those works which, having already obtained international literary recognition, best express the values of nature, the environment, the countryside or the pleasures of enjoying its produce. Since its revival the Chianti Ruffino Antico Fattore International Literary Prize has been awarded to Italian and foreign writers of the first rank. The 1989 Prize was awarded to Toni Morrison (USA), who was later (1993) to receive the Nobel Prize for literature .

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