You can still find the genuine atmosphere of the ancient Florentine trattorias at the Antico Fattore, whose walls cradled a meeting place for the creative talents in the arts and literature from 1929 onwards. This was when an extraordinary association was formed; based on a mixture of literature, art, delicious food, Chianti wines, musical notes, discussions, friendship and a touch of worldliness, it was eventually to lead, in 1931, to the creation of the Antico Fattore award.

One of the Antico fattore "Wednesday" tickets

The painters and poets, sculptors and musicians, journalists and critics who ate in the main dining room had a regular arrangement with Giulio, the proprietor: guests would come and go, some of them people who lived in the city, others just staying for a day or two, perhaps to conduct a concert or take part in some theatrical performance. Countless famous names would animate the Antico Fattore every Wednesday, which was the set day for the weekly "dinner", and which became a regular pilgrimage for artists like De Chirico, Morandi, Carra, Andreotti, and later Carena, Sacchetti Peyron, Bacchelli, Innocenti and Romiti; it is impossible to mention them all.

The kitchen of the Antico Fattore was a real holy of holies and Giulio would only allow friends or food enthusiasts to enter it. This room, full of the smell of delectable roasts and sauces, was situated just past the serving counter of the trattoria. Goodness knows how many stories were written between the oven and the cellar, with the smell of food and wine naturally playing the part of the main protagonists.

Ottone Rosai - Portrait of Giulio

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